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Actionetics Training Video

I’ll get to the ClickFunnels Actionetics Training Video content in a minute, but first… What will Actionetics do for you?

I was listening to Russel onstage when he dropped the bomb on his audience of 1500 raving ClickFunnels fans.

What bomb? WHAT?

Russel said he makes $16 on the backend for every $1 he makes on the front end.

What does Russel use for his backend? Actionetics!

Of course. Russel is one of those great guys whose company ‘eats it’s own dog food’.

Now, I’m no Russel Brunson. And maybe you’re not either.

But hey, if I just doubled my initial funnel sales I’d be happy. Four x? I’d be ecstatic!

Because the front end of ClickFunnels is already awesome at bringing in the money.

With immediate order bumps, upsells, downsells, lead capture, integrated payments: you’re covered.

You can try ClickFunnels here for 14 days free of charge.

Of course that’s an affiliate link. You pay no more – Actionetics pricing is the same for all – but I get a little cash back from Mr. Brunson.

And under the video description I have a few bonuses for you, from me, to say thank you.

Actionetics Training – With Timings

Don’t forget to checkout those bonuses at the end…

Ok, the ClickFunnels Actionetics Training Video is long. Just over an hour. If you want to find out what is Actionetics, it’s worth listening to all of it. It covers pretty much all the Actionetics features as of March 2017. It’s not an Actionetics review – it’s a Q&A on how to use it!

Don’t waste even two minutes of your time – skip straight to 2:14 seconds of the clickfunnels actionetics training – straight to the first question!

02:14 – “Where do I start?”

Importing / updating contacts with drag and drop mapping. Assign to static lists.

Smart Lists – assign people to lists with rules you create. Assign them as they opt in, visit pages, and … buy stuff from you. Example 1 – create a list of people who used their Facebook email to sign-up. Example 2 – create a list of people who take action on your emails. Example 3 – create a list of people who opted in to a specific offer – so you can make them another offer!

When people sign up with their Facebook, LinkedIn (or many other social platform) email, ClickFunnels will go out and find stuff about them. Like how many followers they have.

So you can build a Smart List to target people who know a lot of other people. Can you see how to use this? Maybe make them an affiliate or give them free stuff to give away to their followers.

10:28 “How quickly are Smart Lists updated?”

It’s more or less as soon as your prospect opts in – certainly within a minute or two.

Another example of a Smart List is “bought product but did not buy upsell” – use this to follow-up with an email sequence specifically designed to sell the upsell.

There are lots more examples in the video, but I love this one. Build a Smart List of people you sent an email to – of those people who did not open it or did not click. So with this Smart List you can retarget just the people who did not respond initially – without bothering those who did. Imagine sending a followup with a different subject line to people who didn’t open the first. Or backup an emotion based call to action with a second, more logic-based CTA for those who didn’t respond to the first.

And Smart Lists are integrated with Action Funnels – so you can stop an email sequence when someone responds.

[Tip from Matt: Smart Lists are so powerful your main worry should be to keep it simple. Take action today. Don’t waste six months revenue building some complicated monster that won’t work as well because you can’t test and optimise it.]

18:34 “Can you specify Smart Lists based on the Funnel?”

Yes – for example you could create a Smart List of all buyers based on the step reached in all your funnels. [Matt: though it may be as easy to populate a static list directly from the page]

19:34 “Can you make rule templates”

Not for Smart Lists. In Action Funnels you have all the same rules, and Action Funnels can be duplicated. So you can segment in the same way inside your Action Funnels. As well as sending emails using many, many email services, in Action Funnels you can send text messages through a Twilio account.

You can also do actions. Like adding to a Facebook Custom Audience because they bought, or another if they did not buy. Like sending them a message to the page.

23:55 “Will Actionetics create duplicates if I import a messy list?”

Just one entry per email is created.

24:19 “Does Actionetics Integrate with Zapier?”

There is a Zapier integration in ClickFunnels and a host of pre-built ZAPs. You can build new ones when people sign up or buy. Zapier works by watching ClickFunnels data while Actionetics is dynamic.

26:25 “How do you give people the option to unsubscribe?”

FTC rules say you have to give people the option to unsubscribe. You put the unsubscribe merge tab #UN_SUB# into your emails – typically in the footer in the SMTP setup page.

28:42 “Could you show the Twilio integration?”

Mark demonstrates

33:09 “How do you batch delete test contacts”

Mark explains that you can’t (he’s requested the feature!) but you can move them all to their own list and call it “test contacts do not use”.

33:54 “When does the page notifier message show up”

When anyone who has entered their email vivits a page.

34:10 “Does an email broadcast get sent more than once to the same user if he is in more than one list?”


35:18 “Tel me more about Action Scores”

You can use action score to decide how much a person is worth to you. Go into a contact. Action score is based on:

  • Frequency – how often the contact visits your pages
  • Recency – how long since they last visited your pages
  • Value- how much they have spent with you
  • Social – how many followers or contacts they have

36:20 “How to send an attachment”

Not possible from Actionetics. You can create Digital Assets. These can be sent in emails from pages after optin or purchase.

There are no limits in ClickFunnels as to how many email you can send. There will most likely be a limit from the SMTP service provider.

There is a limit of 100000 Smart Contacts – because it pulls in data from Facebook and many other social sites.

Write now there is no way to send a test email from an action funnel – Mark is requesting this.

39:58 “Email Templates and how to use from Actionetics”

Mark shows how to create templates and use in Action Funnels and Broadcasts.

40:02 “Backpack ClickFunnels training?” and other questions

There is some in the help system.  Most questions Mark sees are on Actionetics ClickFunnels. Hence this video!

There’s no news on team accounts.

Smart lists can be setup any time based on historical data.

Send13 is built for people using ClickFunnels – and is better than Sendgrid.

The drag and drop email editor is only available in the full etison suite – that is if you have Actionetics and Backpack.

Hyperlinks and integrations are removed on cloning to keep things clean when sharing funnels.

Names of action steps can be changed – first pause the Action Funnel.

Can I get emails from Amazon – put an offer with optin in with the product – like extended warrantee.

52:10 “How to add Facebook leads from lead ads to ClickFunnels?”

You can add contacts from Facebook lead adds – there is a video in the docs – search “how to add contacts to ClickFunnels from 3rd party applications with Zapier” – or just watch this video! Uses webhooks – a webhook is basically a URL you can send information to. It’s advanced stuff but not so hard to use if you follow the video.

You can also go straight to a page in a funnel from a URL in an email – or from a button.

Mark finishes his clickfunnels actionetics training with another example of rules.
clickfunnels actionetics training


If you sign up through my affiliate link for ClickFunnels – even for the free trial – you’ll get a 100% off voucher to book an hour of my time. You can use this any way you like – technical funnel setup, marketing your business with ClickFunnels, even how to get traffic. It’s up to you!

Only people who sign up through my affiliate link get access to me by the hour. And you can buy more at the regular price. The only thing I ask in return for this free support is a video testimonial.

If you sign up for ClickFunnels Actionetics and Backpack – which is what I have as a Certified ClickFunnels Consultant – you’ll get another hour’s consultation as soon as you transition from the free trial.


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