Small and Local Business Guide to Getting Visitors

Created on June 6, 2017 at 12:03 pm by fwpmq

How to get more customers calling you up

We’re going to cover the basics – and sprinkled in will be some gems from past and present greats of marketing.


Content is king. Content gets people to call you. Because they trust you. Content gets people sharing what you say. Because they see you know what you’re talking about. And content gets search engines to send you people. Who’ll pay attention to you because (guess what!) you’re interesting and trustworthy.


That doesn’t mean you have to be a talking dictionary. No. Write like you speak. You’ll sound more authentic. Unless you do speak like a college professor. Then you might want to change your register (see what i did there?) to be more like your prospects. Because people like people like them.


Same with videos. An authentic video of you on the simplest smart phone is way better than that slick video by a movie director that you haven’t made. Yes, you’ll feel ill at ease to start – but you’ll get there.

I’m forgetting – why videos? Simple. Youtube is the third most searched platform on the planet. So lots of eyeballs. Looking for entertainment for sure – but often too fo knowledge – how-to’s for example.


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